#2 Construction – Raising the Roof

#2 Construction – Raising the Roof

Raising the Roof gives a first-hand look at the world of construction and introduces a character based on Linda Alvarado, President of Alvarado Construction.

After losing their clubhouse to a rival neighborhood group of boys, fifth-grade friends Tori, Angie and Kelly are inspired by the head of a major construction company to build their own. The girls roll up their sleeves and prepare blueprints, work schedules and budgets, but stormy weather, differences of opinion and the boys’ attempts to undermine their efforts test their friendship. They not only learn valuable construction skills, they learn about teamwork, earn the respect and friendship of the boys and discover how much they really can accomplish.


  • An exclusive profile and Girls Want to Know interview with
    Linda Alvarado
  • A Career Exploration Worksheet
  • Design the Clubhouse of Your Dreams! Activity
  • Introduction to youth activities with Habitat for Humanity

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