Science – Super Science Girls!

Explore the exciting world of science and read an exclusive Girls Want to Know interview with Sylvia Todd, the real-life inspiration behind Sylvia’s character, who created Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Maker Show when she was eight years old!

Sylvia thought this was going to be the perfect summer. She and her best friend Kristen had been dreaming to win the middle school science fair competition for years and couldn’t wait to put their experiment to the test at summer camp together. That is until Indra, the new “It” girl at school, tries to win Kristen’s friendship and undermine their plans.

Sylvia finds herself on the outside looking in as Kristen gets swept up into Indra’s cool world of fashion and friends. She discovers that sometimes things aren’t what they seem, as she learns the rewards of perseverance, the meaning of friendship and that being true to oneself is more important than winning.


  • Exclusive Girls Want to Know interview with Patricia Woody Reeves , the engineer who was the inspiration behind the character of Patricia Woods
  • Career Exploration Worksheet
  • Vocabulary Word Match Game
  • Famous Women in Science Match Game
Kid Tested:

“This book is amazing, and it teaches you a lot about science. I learned it’s important to always try your best. Cheating is never the answer, because in the end, even if you win, you know you really lost.”

– Eugenie, age 12

“I learned the value of true friends”

– Keira, age 10