Teaching – Smart Alex

With a focus on teaching, Smart Alex celebrates the profession that shapes so many lives, and includes an exclusive interview and profile of Dr. Stephanie Pace Marshall, Educator, founding President, CEO and President Emerita, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy.

Alex Martinez is a seventh-grade student who lives in the wrong part of town, wears all the wrong clothes and says all the wrong things, according to her classmates. She sees girls like Emily glide effortlessly to the head of the class, wearing brand-name everything and attracting friends, praise and top grades. When they collide in their school’s team effort to win the MATHCOUNTS® competition, sparks fly! Find out how a special teacher devises “Project Smart Alex,” a top-secret plan that teaches more than just the right answers, and might give Alex the chance to discover her full potential.


  • Career Exploration Worksheet
  • Emphasis on enjoying math, teamwork, diversity, empathy
  • Introduction to MATHCOUNTS® Competition
Kid Tested:

“This book is now one of my favorites! It teaches that you should never be afraid to ask for help because everyone needs it once in a while.”

– Karly, age 10