A mother and daughter reading

This holiday season, the team at Girls Know How® books is here to help you discover the perfect books to empower the girls in your life or to inspire you to donate a special book to a library or classroom! We’ve curated a list of six exceptional books, ideal for elementary school-age readers, that encourage curiosity and confidence while inspiring them to explore the careers of their dreams. Here are the Girls Know How® Holiday Gift Book Picks for 2023!

  1. Stay Curious and Keep Exploring by Emily Calandrelli

Have you ever wondered why ketchup seems reluctant to leave the bottle? Or why your fingers wrinkle in the bathtub? This book invites young minds to explore and connect interactive science experiments to the mysteries of everyday life. Emily Calandrelli, also known as The Space Gal, takes young readers on a vibrant journey into the wonders of scientific discovery.

  1. Smart Alex and the Girls Know How® book series by Ellen Langas

When Alex Martinez, a seventh-grader, collides with her rival Emily in a MATHCOUNTS® competition, sparks fly, setting the stage for “Project Smart Alex” – a top-secret plan that goes beyond math, teaching life lessons and uncovering Alex’s untapped potential.Readers learn about teamwork, acceptance, and empathy while learning about careers in education. Smart Alex is part of an exclusive three-book bundle that includes Raising the Roof, plus a signed copy of Super Science Girls!, now 25% off at QVC while supplies last. 

  1. A Smart Girl’s Guide: Making a Difference by Melissa Seymour

A favorite from American Girl®, this book empowers girls to discover their potential to create positive change in the world. It’s a valuable resource that combines practical advice with engaging stories, encouraging young readers to make a difference in their communities.

  1. The Start-Up Squad Book Series

Follow a group of girls as they embark on entrepreneurial ventures that teach readers valuable lessons about teamwork, creativity, and perseverance. Perfect for the future entrepreneurs in your life, the boxed set is a perfect gift for fostering an innovative spirit in young minds.

  1. She Persisted – 13 American Women Who Changed the World by Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton introduces young readers to the inspiring stories of 13 American women who overcame challenges to change the world. This beautifully illustrated book encourages girls to persevere, dream big, and make a lasting impact on the world around them.

  1. Frankie and Friends: Breaking News by Christine Platt

No list would be complete without a recommendation from Sally and Heather at Children’s Book World, our favorite local shop in Haverford, PA. Frankie and Friends: Breaking News is a delightful and empowering read that follows the adventures of Frankie, an aspiring journalist. After Frankie’s mom leaves to cover a breaking news story, Frankie comes up with a great idea: she can make her own news show! This engaging story teaches important lessons about friendship, curiosity, and the power of storytelling. (ages 6-8)

Let’s empower the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and doers with books that provide the gifts of knowledge, inspiration, and fun! And, don’t miss out on the exclusive Girls Know How three-book bundle, a perfect way to encourage the exploration of her dream careers. Happy holidays from Girls Know How!