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Meet Girls Know How® All-Star Megan Grassell Who Revolutionized the Bra Industry for Pre-teens as a Teen

Before Yellowberry, finding a bra that combined style, comfort, and age-appropriate design seemed impossible for pre-teen girls—but not anymore! CEO and founder Megan Grassell is reshaping the fashion landscape, prioritizing comfort, confidence, and inclusivity for girls ages 8-12. We are inspired by her tenacity in addition to Yellowberry’s active contributions to empowering girls.

Megan’s journey began at 17 when she noticed the lack of age-appropriate bras while bra shopping with younger sister. Determined to fill this gap in the market and inspired by the experience with her sister, Megan established Yellowberry in 2013. With a vision to provide essential support to girls while celebrating girlhood, Megan set out to revolutionize the fashion industry.

Yellowberry quickly gained acclaim for its quality, inclusivity, and empowering ethos. Megan’s focus on comfort and confidence captured the attention of major media outlets such as Forbes, TIME, The New York Times, and The Today Show. For her achievements, Megan was honored as one of TIME’s 25 Most Influential Teens, Forbes 30 Under 30, and The Huffington Post’s 14 Most Fearless Teens. Notably, Megan’s innovative approach piqued the curiosity of major players in the pre-teen clothing industry, including Aerie. In a groundbreaking 2015 partnership, Aerie joined forces with Yellowberry to launch a limited-edition collection, amplifying Megan’s message of empowerment and inclusivity to a broader audience.

In a Forbes Magazine interview with journalist Elana Lyn Gross, Megan emphasizes the importance of resilience and optimism, encouraging others to embrace challenges with a positive mindset. Her mantra, “If the worst answer someone can give you is ‘no,’ then you should always ask the question.”

Yellowberry demonstrates its dedication to uplifting girls using unique methods, such as incorporating empowering phrases inside its bras and implementing a thoughtful product photography initiative. As Yellowberry continues to expand its reach and impact, Megan remains dedicated to improving the wellbeing of girls worldwide. Through her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to making a difference, Megan Grassell is truly a Girls Know How All-Star, inspiring young girls everywhere to dream big and pursue their career dreams.