Zulily and Girls Know How® Team Up for Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work® Day April 28 With an Exclusive Book Set and Tips

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Even the loftiest answers seem possible to a child while dreaming of his or her future, according to Ellen Langas, youth career education advocate and author of the Girls Know How® series. But as concerns with body consciousness and social acceptance enter the equation for tween girls, the tables can abruptly turn. “Our job as parents is to support our kids by eliminating preconceived notions of career limitations and by exposing them to a variety of career options and positive role models.”

For 23 years, Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Day has inspired future generations of girls and boys by bringing them into the workplace to explore the many life choices they have. In recognition of the day, Girls Know How as teamed up with online retailer zulily to offer a limited-time-only set of three chapter books ideal for children ages 7 – 12. One book in each set includes a bonus signature by the author. In addition, 100 new books will be donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence Region during the special event. Books can be ordered online Thursday, Friday and Saturday (April 28 – 30) only.

“Don’t worry if your child seems to change his or her mind often or consider unconventional paths,” says Langas. “Now is the time to help them cultivate their curiosity and explore options. Over time, the cumulative benefit can enhance self-confidence in their capabilities, helping them maintain a healthy goal orientation and paving the way for good educational choices and eventual careers.”

The author suggests there are plenty of age-appropriate activities at every level to inspire kids about careers:

Follow the Shadow – Job shadowing is a powerful tool to help children of any age gain a sense of career direction and professionalism, as well as a taste of a particular career. Children can spend a day or afternoon with a parent or family friend at work to get a firsthand glimpse into a career of interest.

My First Resume – Whether it’s running a lemonade stand, babysitting, winning the 6th grade science fair or volunteering, there are plenty of activities suited for a young person’s resume. Help your child prepare one and show how his or her teamwork, leadership, communication skills and achievements translate into valuable job skills.

Read It – Help your child select books about a variety of careers or college majors at the library or local book store.

Report It – Interview a family member or friend about his or her career; set aside a time for the child to present and discuss the findings.

Get Involved – Volunteer with your child for organizations that can provide exposure to a wide variety of job functions, or introduce your son or daughter to the wonderful world of scouting, which offers incredible leadership experiences.

Get a Job! – Kids can tackle jobs at just about any age. Help your child find something suitable that will offer exposure to concepts such as time, money and project management, plus develop critical thinking skills and creativity. Get those entrepreneurial juices flowing. Jobs can range from mother’s helper to lawn maintenance, picking up mail for vacationers, painting and more depending on age and aptitude. Provide adequate supervision for youngsters.

More on the Girls Know How book series:
Girls Know How® books inspire readers ages 7-12 to pursue the careers of their dreams. Each book within the fiction series features a girl presented with a challenge who is encouraged by an accomplished woman at the pinnacle of her career, a character based on a real-life successful woman. The Girls Know How series was named among the best in family-friendly media, receiving the Gold Award for Juvenile Level 2 Books ages 9-12 from the Mom’s Choice Awards. The first three titles in the series are Will Stephanie Get the Story?, Raising the Roof and Smart Alex. The next title is expected to be released this fall. www.girlsknowhow.com

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